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Landing onto our First Big Project

The first one came up as a surprise.The talks initiated when i watching a movie in Cinemas and i missed a call during the same.As soon as i reached back,i called back and to my surprise it was a guy from Jodhpur whom i had supplied a sketch and a painting an year ago.He told me about his plans to set up a cafe and a hookah lounge.I was happy with the fact that they thought of me in the first place and then there simultaneously grew a confusion that will i be able to Pull it off well..The conversation was enough for my mind to get working on the same..Day n Night i kept thinking,i kept observing the things around and i kept asking myself that how would i have designed it if it was my own space. Now i had some confidence and some ideas that i knew would work well. We didn't have any further contact for a month as they had their plans for next year.In the meantime i came up with Coffee Paintings made with freshly brewed coffee and Wooden Artworks.Things were going on well.One day i received my call letter from the well renowned Telecom Company where i had got placed during my Campus Placements in Engineering. Now as i knew what i wish to do in life,i wasn't really happy with the call letter whereas everybody else who got placed were on Cloud 9. Now the day arrived when i had to pack my bags and leave for Gurgaon(now Gurugram).The Journey had me in double side situations.A part of me was excited for this new life of an Engineer and the other part of me was scared to loose his passion in Art.Without giving much attension to my thoughts,i went on with the flow. A Stay in a 3 Star Hotel,Pick up and drop taken care of by the company,the training in a IT Business Park,free Coffee.

These things kept me in their confidence for a day or two and during the same time i was completing my online orders from the hotel room itself and with no availability of packaging material,i used to pack them in Hotel Cloth Bags and then in Empty Cardboard boxes that were discarded by the hotel staff.So it was an expensive struggle :P.Due to unavailablity i started getting not so happy reviews about the products.Broken framing,torn packaging was a common problem due to which i had to loose on to some of my loyal customers. I wasn't really enjoying my stay anymore.This all wasn't enough when we were asked to shift to Noida Office and our stay in Ghaziabad.My patience was approaching limits now.I had a job that was paying me for my numb behaviour as an Engineer and my passion was calling me to explore the Artist Inside. So while going through all this,i received a call from Jodhpur again.They wanted to me to visit the place and finalise the project.So without any second thoughts,i packed my bag and went on to travel those 10 hr journey to Jodhpur.I went on to see the site..

So after the visit i went back to Noida and the next day itself,i went on to give my resignation. The decision was tough but i was tougher.So within anoth 3-4 days i completed all the formailities and left the job.Back to home on the 5 the day itself after the resignation,i started working on the project. We had 20-22 days to inaugration.The work in the cafe was in full pace and here i worked along with my team artists to complete all the artworks before time.Just a week before the opening,i visited Jodhpur with all the Artworks along.Starting with Destructive Art i went on to complete the Graffiti's and other Art Installations.. So the day had come..The Boards were up..Expectations on its peak..And Above all a beleif that the hardwork of everyone associated with the project won't go wasted.The morning November 9th..Everyone had their own nervousness and the confidence too that nothing would go wrong when all the things have been done with the right Heart. The Cafe went live and it was Open for customers to come and have a taste of its aura. The cafe went on to be a successful venture.In mere couple of days it became the talk of the town and people went keen to visit the cafe again n again. Known to have gone well with the taste of the Youth,The NERDY BEANS is one of the most renowned cafe of Jodhpur at present.

The work of the artist is to express what is repressed or even to speak the unspoken grief of society.
Michael Lening


We live in a world of art, where sound is music , text is poetry and where objects are masterpieces of the 'creator'! At SD Fine Arts we understand art. The Art, that expresses your mood, your life style , your passion and which allows you to express yourself. SD Fine Arts offers you an authentic and genuine art, crafts, wall art, graffiti, graphite painitings, coffee painitings and much more which are suitable to occassions and purposes with utility and are perfect for gifting!

A personnel's choice of paintings are a showcase of his/ her persona, while some paintings may add to your aura. SD Fine Arts provides you your type of painting that rhymes with your tunes of life and lifestyle! It's always said a picture conveys a thousand words! There may be many occassions to remind your loved ones how much you care for them but, then there's only one possible best way to do so that is to gift them with something extraordinary , thoughtful and meaningful. 'SD Fine Arts' offers exclusive pieces of art/paintings and creative align of products . So while you can sit back and let art express your emotions and give an opportunity to your loved ones to be overwhelmed with! If home is the place where one's heart resides and where the soul finds peace then surely your home needs to be a reflection of your personality with all that which appeals to you and your sense of serenity! With our wide collection of artwork you can turn your walls into a canvas of your own choice!

Put up what suits you, your place and matches your aura, not everything or anything! Experience the joy of transformation of your imagination into beautiful work of art. Customized artwork for personal , offices, residence , studios , cafe etc are available at 'SD Fine Arts' SD Fine Arts is an online platform created purely to benefit the art ecosystem in general. SD Fine Arts aims to bridge the disparity that exists between offline and online work in the art system. We understand emotions and 'Turn Souls into Artwork'

The work of the artist is to express what is repressed or even to speak the unspoken grief of society.
Michael Lening

Passion to Profession - The Journey

If i recall back the times when i had studied in Kota like every other IIT Aspirant and could't crack any of the exams i applied for and then the year when i dropped to have another attempt at it and failed again,I could have easily know back then that it wasn't my cup of Tea.But probably we have not grown up seeing such people who have done something on their own terms. So likewise we went on to become Engineers... Now during the first year,I knew this isn't something i wish to do and then my focus was more on other activities rather than the so called Tech Stuff. I still remember the evening when a Senior sitting next to me in the college bus started a conversation.The conversation i wasn't really interested in but now i guess that i owe so much to it. So this guy started talking about his shoes collection,his gadgets and his college life and he kept on going for a while.At a point he mentioned that his roomate is pretty good at Sketching and i must come and have a look at it.The same evening i went on to see his shoe collection unaware of the sketching thing he had mentioned.Somehow his roomate was there in the room and i asked in a weak voice "Can i see your sketches".He smiled and took out his Sketchbook.. By the mere glance of the sketchbook,i was already in much awe..He handed me over the book and the moment i opened it,i was blown away by his works.Probably its in my nature that whenever i see something great,i wish to be better at it..Btw i was already pretty good at drawing so somewhere i took it as a challenge to make good sketched and better sketches and that too with positive guidence from the same guy. So i went to my room..Took out a paper from the A4 sheets i had for my class assignments.Searched google and found a Mermaid Picture.So the moment was like i wished to make portraits and i wasnt really sure of the same so i chose the back picture of the mermaid and mind it,i made it with all the passion i could put in.

So as you may see its hardly a sketch but for me it was something as if i had made a Masterpiece.I carried it along to the Lab and showed it with full excitement to my friends.They applauded my efforts which was surprising as you know the rule - Friends never applaud :P They joke,They laugh but they never applaud.. ;) So now i went on to make the second sketch.As in my mind,i had already mastered the skin and texture so i went on to make a Tattoo kinda Sketch coz it looks cool. So within the next few days itself i came up with some more creativity.

MOTIVATION TIME : So now it was required for more people to see the stuff i was working on.So i started uploading them on fb.People started appreciating the same and this kept going on and trust me i wasnt stopping then.Even if the work was not to any professional level,but somewhere i got that spark that this is something i can go on with.With no thoughts to make it a profession but as a hobby,i kept making many more..Started gifting portraits to my friends.Took much guidence from my senior with the sketchbook. Now people started recognizing my work..I became part of the conversations where keywords like : creative,talented were being used.Hehehe,trust me it felt great. So two years passed by and i thought its time to create a buzz on social networking..I was ready with all i had and all i could and i did what ? I made a "PAGE"..Yes like every other guy in college had one..ABC Photography and DEF Funny Videos and so on..The difference was that by then i started making decent sketches and i had some good content to share. I always knew that this isnt gonna work till the time i start beleiving in it so i waited for a while,i did some research on sketch artists and the contribution of Art in a common Ma's life.With whatever i searched or found after talking and discussing with the people around was that everyone considered Art either a thing for the children to experiment or the likes of the riches.So then an idea struck to my mind that if we start making art for the common people according to what they desire or wish for then the barrier might diminish to an extent that we can cover with time, So the idea to Create Customized Sketches was born. I created a logo and initiated an effort in the name of "SD Sketches"

So i started creating portraits on demand.The idea was new so it took days for people to understand but slowly and steadily it took pace and i started getting Orders from the College Students itself.With portraits starting from Rs.300,i used to have enough orders to keep me busy during free hours. With strong word of mouth,the orders were increased and i started adding goodies,tags and handmade folders along with the orders. Back then the fb pages had good reach and there wasnt any requirement to "BOOST YOUR POST" :p So now i entered my fourth year of college.Shifted to Chandigarh city and rented a flat along with my mates.Things took turn and the orders were less than previous..I took a leap of faith in my work and started experimenting.This time is usually the most productive.I came up with Charcoal Portraits,Time Lapse Videos,Range of Bollywood Celebrity Portriats and much more..Things were better now.With the kind of work i had produced i started getting good amount of orders back again. The online contests too went well with good amount of public reach. Now facebook screwed up somewhere down the line and instead of having a good amount of likes i had negligible reach among my audience.As necessity is the mother of invention.I thought to create a website where people can have a better experience to order customized handmade artworks.. Now an engineer would understand that besides the fact that we do our engineering,we are completely unaware of whats going on.So with comparitvely less knowledge about coding and observing what we have,we started working on an online platform to create the website. In the meantime,i thought how well it could be if i could help other artists as well to come and join me on the same platform.I contacted some artists through fb and over mails but because of low online visibility of my platform,they didnt agree to it.But then i had nothing to loose so my search for Artists who need a platform was initiated. Now i had two artists joined and the website was also published online.As i beleive in exploring the max of the resources available.I took max help from the college juniors and friends to make the max of this idea and its execution. Now i had a meeting with a friend at a local Cafe in Chandigarh.While i was sitting and discussing the techy stuff with him,my sight was more towards a wall which i though if filled with some creativity would add much more to the cafe.With some boost from my friend,i introduces my work to the manager and well he was impressed and i also expressed my views about that wall to him.Within the next few days i got a call from the manager asking me that the owner of the cafe would like to meet you. As soon as i shared my work with the owner,he asked me if i can help him renovate the cafe and BANG ON...That was all i wanted to hear,,So the idea of Artistic Interiors was born. We discussed some works and finally decided upon a Charcoal Project - Buddha Artwork. The artwork was made and installed within the next few days itself and an Art Exhibition too was organized displaying the best of my pencil + charcoal artworks.

Now the idea and aim was clear.. To create India's best website to order Customized Fine Artworks. To Introduce Artistic Interiors where we can infuse creativity into one's personal space with versatile forms of Art. Within 6 months we have completed over 6 Artistic Interior Projects in Punjab,Chandigarh and Rajasthan and over 500+ customers have associated with us for Customized Artworks. With our website presently Ranking in top 37000 websites in India among a lot of million websites./ Team SD Fine Arts aims to bridge the gap between Fine Arts and Common Man.

Frost is the greatest artist in our clime - he paints in nature and describes in rime.
Thomas Hood