Our Projects

Cafe Mocha

Done in Elante Mall Chandigarh,"Chandigarh Kare Ashqi" graffiti on a 9ft long and 3.5 ft wide Bar front.With a great combination of English and Punjabi,ths graffiti has been appreciated by one and all.

The Fog City

Hookah Lounge located at Sardarpura C road,Jodhpur.The lounge is known for the 17ft long Graffiti and the Wooden Arts installed to enhance the aura of the place.With a Classic Oil Painting installed in the private section,this lounge boasts of creativity.

Nerdy Beans

Dedicated to the Nerds out there,this cafe has been talks of the town since it has been launched.Coffee Wall and Destructive Art being the main attractions.For the people young at heart and wish to explore the creative fields of cafe. The nerdy Beans is just the right place to be.

Silver Bell Play School

With complete makeover of the place,the school has been recognized as one of the most creative ones in Jodhpur.From thread arts to melted crayon art,wire Art to Wooden Arts,Handpainted tees to Doodle Graffiti,the school is known for its interiors.

About Me

Break the ice, ignite the fire inside you.It will lead the path to your Goals.

SD Fine Arts : The online mega art store is a team of fine artists where we offer broadly two services :

  • Customized Artworks
  • Artistic Interiors
  • Customized Artworks : SD Fine Arts is an online portal where you can order fine hand sketched / handpainted portraits which will be crafted by a team of fine artists specializing in different art forms and the artwork will be delivered at your doorstep within a specific duration of time. with options of almost 6 different artforms including pencil sketches,charcoal sketches,oil paintings,wooden artworks,hand painted tees &coffee paintings.
  • Artistic Interiors : With a vision to infuse creativity in one’s environment,we offer artistic interiors where we use unique range of artworks including metal,wood and wall arts to design space.